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Why Autumn is the Best Time to Install Landscaping in Minnesota

As summer comes to an end and we transition into cooler temperatures, the idea of landscaping may not be at the forefront of your mind. However, it’s important to remember that autumn is one of the best times to install landscaping. From favorable weather to cost savings, autumn presents many opportunities that make it an ideal time for homeowners to invest in their outdoor spaces. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the reasons why autumn is the best time to install landscaping.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Autumn’s cooler temperatures and increased rainfall provide ideal growing conditions for new plants. Unlike summer, autumn temperatures are more moderate and provide an opportunity for the plants to establish their root systems without being affected by extreme heat. The increased rainfall also provides the necessary moisture for plants to grow strong and healthy roots. By planting in the fall, your plants will be well-established by the time spring arrives, ensuring they will be more resilient during the hotter summer months.

Lawn Renovation

Autumn is also the best time to renovate your lawn. The cooler temperatures and abundant rainfall allows your new grass to develop deep roots, so it’s better able to withstand snow and bitter cold in the winter.

Beat the Spring Rush

Installing in autumn allows you to beat the spring rush. Instead of potentially having to wait a few months for your project to break ground, the demand for landscaping isn’t as substantial during fall as it is in the spring, so the turnaround time from initially getting a quote to finished product is likely shorter, meaning your new patio or outdoor kitchen can be done before winter’s arrival and then next spring you’ll be able to put it to use on the first warm day!

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