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Outdoor fireplaces are a great feature to add to your backyard.  How many times have you been sitting around an open fire and not had smoke chase you around the fire?  Almost never in our experience.  Outdoor fireplaces not only look great but also help to keep the smoke going up instead of chasing you around the fire.  Not only are outdoor fireplaces functional but they are also beautiful and make a great focal point for your landscape.

In most areas the recommended distance to keep a recreational fire from structures is 25 feet.  An outdoor fireplace can often be placed as close as 10 feet to structure so it is often easier to incorporate into an outdoor living area that is close to your house.

There are several kits that are available from different manufacturers and we can also custom build the fireplace that you are envisioning for you outdoor space.  With the wide array of products available we can build the fireplace of your dreams at a reasonable price.  There is a lot of fine craftsmanship involved when building an outdoor fireplace; that is where our attention to detail really shines.  From the foundation to the beautifully mitered bullnose corners, we make sure every fireplace we build is a work of art.

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