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Add an aesthetically pleasing functional element to your landscape that retains your hillside and creates visual interest. Serving residents and businesses with the best retaining wall construction in Rochester and surrounding communities including Owatonna, Northfield, Lakeville & more.

Professional Block Wall Design & Installation

A retaining wall provides a practical solution for holding back slopes and is a beautiful addition to any property. They are used to sculpt unusable hills into level spaces for patios, outdoor living areas, lawns, planting beds and so much more. Whether you prefer the refined appearance that segmental wall block offers or the natural appeal of boulders, our team takes pride in constructing durable retaining walls that allow our clients to use and enjoy their properties to the fullest.

We have the experience and proficiency to build walls correctly. Beginning with assessing your property and taking into account its terrain to comprise a solution that will not only function as it should but also look great and help boost curb appeal. Each wall is constructed with the necessary elements including top-quality block, a properly compacted base and back-filling to ensure your wall will be incredibly stable for decades to come.

Retaining Wall Experts Serving Rochester & Many Areas of Southern Minnesota

Our segmented block walls employ blocks that interlock, stack, or glue together to create a strong barrier that can handle substantial loads. The engineered design makes block walls affordable, yet durable enough for just about any size project no matter what the soil conditions within the job site. With a variety of styles of retaining wall block available, there is something to appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preferences. Manufactured block is a great way to create a more functional outdoor space with customizable retaining walls that can last for multiple decades. 

There are many reasons why a retaining wall might be something your property can benefit from. Like many other landscape design features, retaining walls provide a degree of beauty and an aesthetic value while also helping prevent soil erosion to protect your property. But before adding a retaining wall, it is essential to understand the issues on your property to know what will work best for your lawn. The family-led team at Peters’ Patio & Landscape are the local specialists at constructing retaining walls in Rochester, MN that are sure to fit your desired style while maintaining functionality.

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Freestanding & Seating Walls

Thanks to the advancements of wall block in recent years, walls are no longer limited to just retaining soil, they can become one of the main focal points of your outdoor living space. From being the building blocks of your custom outdoor kitchen or bar, to the seating area around an outdoor fireplace, there is truly no-limit to the possibilities.

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