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Which Paver Installation Pattern Should You Choose?

The backyard or the front area of your house serves as a great entertainment spot for your family and guests, and a well-designed patio can bring that into reality. When in the process of selecting a patio design, there are several popular installation patterns to choose from and in this blog post, we will discuss multiple paver installation patterns to provide insight on what will be best for your outdoor living area.


The herringbone pattern is an outstanding paver patio installation pattern that adds a unique appeal to the outdoors. It’s a zig-zag pattern that complements the overall landscape, giving the area a luxurious aesthetic appeal. The herringbone pattern has exceptional durability and strength, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic patios. This pattern is also known to be one of the strongest


The basketweave pattern is an ideal pattern for homeowners seeking a classic and timeless design. It’s a pattern that creates a sense of order and symmetry, giving your patio a perfect balance. The pattern involves two pavers placed vertically and two pavers placed horizontally. The interlocking design creates a phenomenal patio design that is pleasing to the eye.

Running Bond

The running bond pattern is a perfect option, particularly for homeowners who want to create a natural look. The pattern features pavers that are laid in a fanning out style, positioning them towards the center of the patio. The pattern stands out on large patios and adds a lovely wood-like feel to the area.

Circle Fleuri

The circle fleuri pattern is a show-stopping design for homeowners seeking a unique focal point. The pattern involves an incredible combination of radial circles and straight lines, creating a geometric masterpiece. If you are looking to add a sophisticated design to your outdoor space, then you should incorporate the circle fleuri pattern into your patio installation.


The windmill pattern is an excellent option for homeowners looking for a charming and eye-catching design. The pattern features pavers overlapping each other, creating a circular pattern. The design is ideal for small patios as it creates a grand illusion, making your outdoor space feel more extensive.


The random pattern is when pavers are installed with no discernible layout, meaning the patio, walkway or driveway will be 100% custom and unique. Some paver brands, especially ones that offer Cobblestone are best suited to be installed with a random pattern.

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