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Top 9 Residential Landscaping Mistakes

Planning a landscaping project can be challenging as there are multiple factors to balance throughout the process. This article will help by providing nine common mistakes that homeowners make and how you can avoid making them.

1. Improper Planning

With any home improvement project, it’s essential to construct a thorough landscaping plan ahead of time. Failing to do so can lead to delays or even starting projects over. Ensure you make the important decisions in advance.

2. No Clear Budget

Another crucial factor to keep in mind during landscaping projects is the budget. While installing flower beds or planter boxes in front yards is relatively inexpensive, adding retaining walls or patios can be a significant undertaking. Establishing a budget for the project can reduce stress, give you clear expectations, and ensure your project suits your needs.

3. Thinking Short-Term

Picking out pretty flowers and unique shrubbery for your landscaping upgrade is exciting. However, homeowners often focus on the short-term benefits of these beautiful outdoor elements. When picking out trees and shrubs, it’s essential to consider how wide and tall they will grow, how much maintenance they need, and their seasonal patterns, and not just focus how they’ll look in front of your house.

4. Only Considering Appearance

While designing a beautiful front or back yard is enjoyable and rewarding, there are other factors to consider when planning a new outdoor space for your property. Depending on how you design them, these spaces can provide valuable areas to relax, be productive, or spend time with loved ones. Considering how you want to use the space and how you want it to look can ensure you’re as happy as possible with the project’s outcome.

5. Not Color Coordinating

Modern homeowners have many decor options for the outdoor spaces on their property. However, blending too many different colors and styles can lead to clashing and create a cluttered effect that detracts from the overall appeal.

6. Too Much, Too Dense, or Too Little Greenery

When planning your outdoor space, it’s essential to create enough space in your yard between your new plants. Leaving too much space between them can create an off-putting visual effect. Meanwhile, planting flowers and shrubs too close together will lead to plants competing with one another.

7. Improper Planting

Even with the perfect layout, certain types of plants simply cannot thrive in different areas. If your climate isn’t a good fit for the plants you choose, no amount of effort will enable them to live there. Conducting thorough research before selecting the plants for your garden can save time and stress in the future.

8. Overcrowding

While purchasing new decorations and plants for your outdoor space can be exciting, it’s crucial not to get carried away. Crowding your yard can make it challenging to use and detract from the impact of your most impressive features.

9. Excluding Hardscapes

Although expanding green spaces on your property is an excellent idea, it’s also advantageous to build hardscape spaces such as patios and outdoor living areas. These offer perfect areas to spend time with loved ones and add interest to your property’s beauty.

If you’re ready to transform your southern Minnesota home, reach out to Peters’ Patio and Landscape today to get started.

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