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7 of the Best Flowering Trees For Hardiness Zones 4 & 5

One of the best options to make your landscape shine is to choose a flowering tree. Flowering trees offer beautiful blossoms to complement the surrounding elements of an outdoor space. Here are 7 of the top choices for hardiness zones 4 and 5.

1. Weeping Cherry Trees

A Weeping Cherry Tree is a unique combination of the popular weeping willow tree and famous cherry blossom tree. Beautiful pink and white flowers flow down to the ground on vine-like branches. This type of tree grows well in conditions that allow full sun exposure and plenty of ground moisture. Since this tree loves lots of sunshine, you ‘ll want to have it planted on its own instead of together with other trees.

2. Saucer Magnolias

Magnolia trees are very popular in many locations across the United States. If you are interested in a magnolia tree that is hardy enough for zones 4 and 4, you can try the Saucer Magnolia. This flowering tree gets its name from the large, saucer-shaped flowers that come in late spring. These pink and white flower blossoms are a lovely addition to any landscape design. The Saucer Magnolia grows best in an environment filled with sun and moist, acidic loam soil that allows for excellent drainage.

3. Hawthorn Trees

Hawthorn trees can be a fun option for a flowering tree on your property. This tree produces brightly-colored berries that attract songbirds in the spring and summer. It also blooms in a stunning range of colors, depending on the species you choose. From soft whites and light pinks to more vivid red, yellow and orange, there is a Hawthorn tree that will meet your needs. The Hawthorn tree will grow well in groupings of other trees or by itself.

4. Eastern Redbud

In zones 4 and 5, you might be eager to find a flowering tree that will offer color and interest in your landscaping as early as possible. The Eastern Redbud is a tree that will help pull you away from the sad, barren dullness of winter with its bright pink flowers because in late-April, you can begin to see color from an Eastern Redbud tree. They thrive with a lot of sun and well-drained soil and typically don’t grow taller than 30′ or wider than 35′.

5. Japanese Tree Lilacs

Beautiful and sweet-smelling, the Japanese Tree Lilac is a fresh addition to a zone 4 or 5 landscape design. During the period of flowering, this tree displays clusters of white flowers that provide a lovely smell for several weeks following the initial bloom. Although its time spent in bloom is short, this species is a great option to have to take advantage of colors throughout the growing season. This tree is another species that enjoys full sunlight and excellent drainage.

6. Dogwood Trees

Dogwood Trees are small and great options for any landscape area. This flowering tree provides an interesting visual for all seasons of the year beginning in spring, you will notice the bright white or pink blossoms as the green leaves grow in. Then as the seasons change towards autumn you will see the vibrant green foliage shifting to a lively red. Then in winter, the dogwood tree showcases intricate branch patterns. Many property owners like the dog wood species because it is a durable option for hardiness zones 4 and 5. Provided sun or shade, this tree will thrive in colder conditions.

7. Flowering Crabapple Trees

The Flowering Crabapple Tree is lovely in spring but just as interesting in the autumn. This tree displays flowers in shades of white, red, and pink in the springtime. As the weather cools, its leaves become deep red before revealing crabapple fruit. If you like to make a welcoming environment for friendly animals and birds, this tree is a great choice because the fruit can attract a variety of small animals, many different bird species and bees. This flowering tree type requires well-drained soil and full sun to thrive so be sure to plant it in a spot that allows room to spread its canopy outward. It will provide an excellent source of shade in your landscape design.

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