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Here is a project we finished up in Albert Lea a couple days ago. Willow Creek Cobblestone in Lakeshore blend with a solid brown inlay. ... See MoreSee Less

Here is a project we finished up in Albert Lea a couple days ago.  Willow Creek Cobblestone in Lakeshore blend with a solid brown inlay.Image attachmentImage attachment


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Thanks for the great job 👍

Replacing a failing cinder block egress window well. ... See MoreSee Less

Replacing a failing cinder block egress window well.

Happy Independence Day! Hopefully the rain holds off so everyone can get out and use their patios. Have a fun and safe holiday! ... See MoreSee Less


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We went to visit Lauren & Jared in Bismarck. Sorry we had to miss it this year!

We missed you and your folks at Jeremy's today!

We just finished this project up today. We remove the old ugly concrete (see the before pics) and replaced it with Willow Creek Cobblestone paving stones. The pavers are Lakeshore blend with a Brown 3/4 stone soldier course border. The pictures don't do it justice. ... See MoreSee Less


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Looks Awesome! Nice job!


For this project we replaced crumbling limestone walls with Versa-Lok standard block walls. The Versa-Lok standard block gives this area a much cleaner look. We finished this project off with edging/ rock to eliminate mowing and trimming around the walls. Less maintenance is always a plus. ... See MoreSee Less

This is a project we wrapped up about 2 weeks ago. For those who follow our page this property might look familiar. This is the 3rd phase for this project. The client cleared most of the brush and buckthorn from their backyard. We cleared up some stumps and started grading. We hauled in over 60 tons of screened soil to give them a small lawn area and make a nice natural planting area. We planted a lot of plants and a couple varieties of ground over to help keep this area maintainable. It is quite a transformation. ... See MoreSee Less


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The things we will do to have a pretty yard!

Wow - what a project! They obviously are very, very pleased with your work to have you come back for each phase.

Very nice. Bet that will be pretty when the flowers get blooming good.

There is a house just down from us that has a back yard already Dave lol and it's for sale (house and yard)

Very, very mice Can't wait to see it.

Mary Littlejohn Melanie Littlejohn Eshman Gail Layman David Littlejohn this is our backyard.

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This is a little planting project we finished up a few weeks ago. We tore out the old over grown landscape and replaced it with a design more fitting for the space. We installed the pavers here a few years ago. We are so fortunate to get to continue to work with so many past clients. ... See MoreSee Less

We finished this project up last week. We built a Versa-Lok standard wall to level out a spot to build their shed. It took over 100 cubic yards of gravel to bring the area up to grade. We replaced an old short wall along the deck and tore out old wooden window wells. They all got replaced with Versa-Lok standards that match the wall for the shed. We finished this area off with Willow Creek Cobblestone pavers. For this installation we used a channel drain system to handle the water. We are excited to see how this all looks once the shed is built. ... See MoreSee Less

For the project we removed an old patio made of pallets to create this great 2 level outdoor living area. This was quite a transformation and gave them a great area for entertaining. Check our all the pictures! ... See MoreSee Less

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