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How Much Does A Retaining Wall Cost in Minnesota?

A retaining wall is designed and constructed to hold back an embankment of soil. With help from a retaining wall, you receive the benefit of controlling erosion while creating a flat area to use. In most cases this would be for a lawn, landscaping beds, patio, or driveway.

Retaining Wall Pricing Factors

Most retaining wall projects are bid based on the square footage structure. On average, having a retaining wall built can cost around $50-$60 per square foot, and on the higher-end of the spectrum, it can be as much as $75 per square foot or more.

The pricing for a retaining wall is not cut and dry though. It can vary tremendously based on several factors including the scope of the work, terrain of the property, equipment accessibility, the brand and style of the material used and more.

Smaller Projects

With smaller projects, the price per square foot may end up higher than average due to a minimum project price which is standard across the industry when hiring a professional retaining wall contractor.

Terrain & Equipment Accessibility

The terrain and accessibility of your property will also impact the price of a retaining wall. For example, if your backyard is very narrow, it will be take longer for a crew to remove the excavated soil and bring in gravel and wall block, the cost will increase due to additional labor hours to move the material by hand instead of heavy equipment.

If the proposed work area features a very steep hillside this may also play a role in how much the project will cost due to increased risk and difficulty bringing equipment into the work area.

Wall Height

Other factors that can greatly impact the price include the wall’s height. Depending on how tall the wall will be, many locations will require your it to be designed by an engineer which will increase the price.

Material Type & Brand

When a retaining wall is constructed, the material type chosen for the project can lead to price differences. Typically, a wall built from large boulders will cost less than a wall built from manufactured block as the material price is cheaper. To segment even further, some manufactured block prices can be vastly different than others. Since many brands offer hardscape products in varying sizes, colors and shapes, the style and design of your wall can determine its price.

If you’re looking for the best retaining wall builder in southern Minnesota, contact the team at Peters’ Patio & Landscape today.



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