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How Much Does a Built-In Outdoor Grill Cost?

If you enjoy cooking outside and entertaining guests, you might consider updating your back yard setup with a built-in outdoor grill. Built-in grills offer a higher level of convenience to your outdoor living space while at the same time impressing friends, family and neighbors. If you are looking to update your outdoor space, the costs associated fall into three different categories.

Selecting Appliances for Your Outdoor Grill

A drop-in grill is a permanent outdoor kitchen appliance which provides that unique, unmatched and truly luxurious appearance to your back yard. This type of grill needs to be made out of high-quality materials that resist rust. Depending on the brand, quality and size, a drop-in grill can cost around $1,500 on the low end, to over $10,000 on the high end.

Designing the Stonework

The stonework around your built-in outdoor grill helps tie the space together. If you already have a patio in your outdoor space, you may choose to match the style of those pavers. For a completely new setup, you want to choose something that complements the grill, countertops and paver structures.

The simpler the layout, the fewer expenses you can expect the stonework to cost you. The most basic structure is a U-shaped stone cabinet with a space for a roll-in grill to slide into neatly. More complex stonework layouts include longer bars. Some people choose to add chairs or stools at a long outdoor bar to turn it into a space to enjoy meals outside from the grill.

For the simplest layout, you can spend somewhere between $2,500 and $4,500. This number accounts for a roll-in setup in which the grill slots into a space. For stonework to hold a drop-in grill, bar and countertops this will depend on the materials you use, many projects are $10,000 – $12,000 or more. Prices vary so much due to the variety of appliances, layouts and paver material type.

Choosing a Countertop

The countertop surrounding your built-in outdoor grill is essential for preparing food and serving guests. The countertops sit on top of the stonework built up around your grill. There are many options for outdoor countertops. It’s best to choose a style that compliments the look of your home or outdoor space. Bluestone, granite, and other durable materials are popular selections.

Depending on the type of granite you choose, you can pay $75 to $300 per square foot of stone. Bluestone is a more affordable countertop material at $40 to $60 for every square foot.

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